General Information for Aloe Vera de Sevilla


We grow True Aloe plants (Barbadensis Miller) naturally and organically, and are certified by the CAAE (Spanish Organic Agriculture Certification).

An ecologically friendly fertilizer is employed in the pre-planting stage, in the form of fermented dry chicken manure. Any weeds sprouting near Aloe Vera plants are removed manually with a motor hoe and hand weeder. This means that no herbicide or other environmentally harmful chemicals are applied. The process of growing each plant scrupulously follows the guidelines set by the CAAE. Plant cultivation is tracked using the CAAE Field Manual. We personally handle all harvesting and processing of Aloe Vera leaf, which means traceability from origin is absolutely guaranteed.

Our dedication to organic farming practices allows us to maintain the natural balance of the ecosystem, while optimizing production, crop health and food security.

100% PURE

Thanks to the production process, the biologically active components of the gel remain essentially intact, retaining 100% of their properties. No more than 24 hours transpire between the moment of leaf cutting to stabilization in gel, avoiding any potential loss of properties through natural oxidation.



Pure aloe drink which, owing to its quality and purity, is targeted at the food industry. Food health and safety approved for packaging and consumption.


99.5% Pure Aloe Gel (1:1).

Our gel is crystal clear and makes an excellent raw material for the production of products in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. In response to the needs of our customers, we can offer other concentrations (1:5 or 1:10 …).


Recommended as a food supplement for use in healthy recipes.


1.- We operate in full compliance with the strict requirements set by Ecovalia certification (formerly CAEE) . This body, backed by the EU, promotes and encourages organic production methods in Andalusia and the rest of Spain.

2.- The land of the La Vega del Bajo Guadalquivir is rich in nitrogen and other important nutrients for plant growth, such as humus in its natural state, so we do not need to add to it artificially. These fine qualities of area soils provide the nutrients necessary for the growth of the plant under excellent conditions.

3.- Harvesting is completely done by hand in traditional fashion, as mandated by Ecovalia, a nonprofit agency.

4.- We fully guarantee the traceability of the product, from its origin to the customer.

5.- We open the doors of our farm to allow viewing the process of growing and harvesting. We strive for transparency and honest disclosure regarding our methods, so our customers are always welcome.

6 -. The biologically active components of the gel remain essentially intact, retaining 100% of their properties. We provide our customers with product samples for testing.


La Vega del Bajo Guadalquivir is considered one of the privileged agricultural areas of Andalusia, with an ideal climate and temperature range for the optimal cultivation of our Aloe Vera crops. Soil is the basis of our agriculture, and the soil of La Vega contains a lot of nitrogen and Natural Humus. The plants take advantage of these optimal conditions for their growth, flourishing from the nutrient rich environment necessary for their development.

La Vega del Guadalquivir occupies a privileged geographical position. It is located in the optimum climatic zone for natural plant development, and is well connected to neighboring major thoroughfares, which places us in strategic position to serve both the domestic market and Europe.


Available in 30l, 60l, 120l, 220l and 1000l containers.

IBC 1000LContainment Pallet
High molecular weight, high-density and polyethylene drums (HMW-HDPE), with a high density polyethylene cover (HDPE). Galvanized steel ring closure strap and high molecular weight (HMW). Available in 30l, 60l, 120l, 220l.